Aptagen video

This 2-minute web-based video was produced to entice qualified college students or graduates seeking internship training and experience in biotechnology. Aptagen, is a biotech lab in Jacobus, PA, serving over 50 Companies, Organizations, and Universities globally.

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Advantage Physical Therapy

APT Welcome Animated video

Animated waiting room video was produced as part of a customer experience improvement initiative, delivering “edutainment” for patients, communicating the APT story and encouraging online interactions via social media, website etc.

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Eastern Animal Hospital

Eastern Animal Hospital – TV Commercial

This 30 second television commercial was produced as part of a major brand awareness push in celebration of the hospital’s 25th anniversary, running on multiple Comcast Cable networks. Male and female versions of the commercial were created to appeal to different audiences while rolling out the company’s new tagline, “When…

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