Recognizing When It’s Time to Change Your Campaign

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is determining how long any given marketing campaign should last. This is especially true for multi-channel campaigns.

The ideal length of time to run a marketing campaign is 45 days. Research has shown this is approximately how long it takes to develop a habit or learn a piece of information so profoundly that we’re able to retain and recall it later. Exposing your customer base to a focused marketing message for that period of time ensures that you’ve shared the information long enough for them to get it and act on it. If your campaign is shorter than 45 days, you’re reducing the likelihood of customers seeing and grasping the message. Longer than 45 days runs the risk of your message becoming stale.

Creating a marketing plan/calendar makes it easier to develop creative concepts and line up the vehicles you’re going to use to deploy your messaging in a strategic, organized manner. 45 days gives you time for eight multi-channel marketing campaigns in any given year. If you need help making this happen or developing your multi-channel campaigns, our team of creative talent is here to help!

When determining whether it’s time for a change, keep these simple tips in mind…

  1. Always have your audience in mind (not just your product/service features) when developing a new marketing campaign and stay true to that throughout the process. Targeted creative that “knows” its audience and doesn’t compromise is what makes advertising powerful. It’s not something a brand should be fearful of.
  2. Adapt quickly to ensure you’re keeping up with consumer trends. Surround yourself with passionate people who think differently and are willing to challenge you, ensuring that you keep innovating your brand.
  3. Focus on building brand equity. Does your company have a story that people may know or love? For brands that haven’t been around for long, it is never too early to start leveraging your heritage. No matter the age of the business, your brand should have a story that consumers can engage with and follow for years to come.

I know how scarce time can be, so thank you in advance for learning with us and for your referrals!