Is Your Current Marketing Eye Catching or Budget Snatching?

Being immersed in Baltimore’s hearty advertising environment for over 25 years has taught us a lot about how to make design and marketing services more efficient for the average company. Many businesses struggle with the downsides of traditional advertising agencies like high fees, retainers, intellectual property ownership and yes… egos. Often, hiring another employee to do the work in-house isn’t cost effective or it’s difficult to find that jack of all trades to handle every aspect of your lead generation needs. Let’s face it, being an expert at graphic design, marketing strategy, SEO, responsive websites, video, social media, media buying, copywriting and the plethora of skills necessary to be successful in today’s competitive environment is nearly impossible. With lower fees, no long-term contracts, no retainers and the benefit of having a team of experts readily available for each component of execution, outsourced solutions using marketing “micro-firms” are becoming more popular than ever. If you’ve been wondering whether the personal touch of an on-call, agency alternative can help manage your own marketing needs, take the time to consult with a reputable firm and ask for references to gauge whether they’ve been living up to the expectations of other companies like yours.